8:00-9:00- Sign-ins/ Name tags/Folders
9:00-9:25- Keynote
: Dr. Brian Stogner, President, Rochester College


9:30-10:15- Recruiters Speak to Audience - "I Really Love…"

PRAYER:  Scott Samuels, Vice-President of Admissions, Student Life, and Communications, Rochester College

PARENT SEMINARS:  Large Auditorium

10:30-11:30- Top 10 Things Parents and Students Need to Know about College 
Marc Compton & Brian Simmons

"Because it matters for life and eternity" is the answer, but what are the questions?  Please join these veteran CCDNW speakers as they share their experience around the College decision.  Both as parents and in their professions and roles, they see the eternal significance of selecting a college and the struggles that come with such decisions.

Whether it comes to developing life skills, sustaining and growing faith, capturing educational value, funding the education, or creating a valuable life, the compelling attributes of selecting a Christian College will be discussed with humor and detail.
You will find this time impactful and worthwhile whether you are very early in your thoughts or you are in the midst of final decisions.

12:30-1:30- "FINANCIAL AID 101"
Scott Samuels, Vice-President Admissions, Student Life, and Communications

This presentation will offer very practical information about the financial aid process regardless of where your child may decide to attend college.  It will make easy what some think of as a very intimidating process.  Open to parents of all ages and grandparents who desire to know more about paying for college.

12:30-1:15-   STUDENT SEMINAR- "Discovery"
Tamara Long- Associate VP for Enrollment, Dean of Admissions, Abilene Christian University

This session will take time to allow students to better discover their talents and abilities and how they can use that information to better discern their career and calling.  It's a great session for students who have no idea what they want to be when they grow up.  Even for students who know the path they want to take, this session will help affirm their decision.

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