The Northwest Endowment Fund has been created to help preserve and extend the legacy of Christian higher education in the Pacific Northwest represented by both Columbia Christian College and Cascade College. The histories of Oklahoma Christian University and Columbia Christian College converged in 1993, resulting in the opening of Cascade College as a branch campus of Oklahoma Christian University. Cascade College played an important role in strengthening the church and serving Christian families in the Northwest for 15 years.

Oklahoma Christian University has created the Northwest Endowment Fund to fulfill its ongoing commitment to Christian higher education and service to the churches of Christ in the Northwest. The spendable income from the fund will be used to help provide Christian higher education for students from the region served by Cascade College, as well as for efforts to strengthen and nurture churches of Christ in the Northwest.
Dr. Bill Goad
NWEF Board of Directors

The Northwest Endowment board is comprised of active members and leaders from various churches of Christ, a majority of which reside in the Northwest. This board will determine which ministry events will best strengthen the church in the Northwest. It will also actively encourage Northwest students to apply for scholarships and travel stipends, and will determine stipend awards. more
Christian College Day Northwest gratefully acknowledges the on-going support of the Northwest Endowment Fund.  Since its inception in 2009, the Northwest Endowment Fund has provided support for hundreds of students and dozens of church-related events.   See Northwest Endowment Fund for more information about the Northwest Endowment Fund.